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Street Tales: The Beginning.

Hey guys, it has been a really long time since I updated this blog. Yes I have excuses, No I choose not to share them, as they are just excuses. During my time off, I have been really thinking on how I will make this blog a one stop shop for Art and Creativity both in my writing and my photography. And as the ideas came into mind, one of the main reasons as to why I started this blog in the first place came up. Documenting stories (mostly made up) of strangers and when the opportunity arises, get a story from them in the process. Street Tales was thus born. The time had come for it to be show itself to the world. I hope this segment inspires something in any of my readers in whatever way. Continue Reading →

The Waterfall

Oloolua: The Forest Within The Suburbs.

So its been a while. Can’t really think of anything credible to explain my inconsistency. But I apologize for it. A lot has happened between the time I have been out. Traveled a bit, learnt a lot and school became intense. But other than that, lets get back to my subject matter. So in March, a few friends and myself went out to the leafy suburbs of Karen to explore the Oloolua Forest. Now do keep in mind that this is one of the few remaining forests within the heavily built Nairobi Area. This makes it endangered by its own rights and utmost care of the forest should be ensured at all times to curb any attempt of encroachment. Continue Reading →


Faces of February

Hey guys, new month of March has started, but why don’t we reminisce a little of the month that has just passed. We may have things that we are proud of, a few mistakes we may have made that probably cost us a lot. But in the end how we embrace the final outcome and start on the next chapter is what really counts. Continue Reading →

More of Hazina Towers

Up, Up and Away

Hey guys, hope you all have been good. Pretty good month we have had so far. Hope the same goes out to you. I must say this has been one really exciting month. Trying new aspects of photography and fields too. Will be showcasing some of my projects with you guys. That means there may be a slight change in how the posts will be. Hope you will enjoy it. Please feel free to leave a comment on how the posts will be. Well, back to my subject today, lets stop and look up and tell a story of what we see above us. No matter where you are look up. Then try to perceive what you see above you in a different light than you did before. Continue Reading →


The Nairobi Railway Museum

Happy new month everyone. I will try and keep these posts as constant as possible. With the start of the new month, I have a new interesting feature which was made possible by a random pop up instameet (A photography meeting by people on Instagram) which was held last Friday at the Railway Museum in Nairobi. One of the things I like about such instameets  is the exposure they give one as a photographer  or an upcoming photographer and also a good forum to learn from other more experienced photographers. The Nairobi Railway Museum is a very unique museum as it mainly showcases the old rail machinery that were mostly used during the colonial period. The displays portray a very different type of story of the colonial period as it mainly shows how the development of the country started and progressed from the old locomotives to the ‘new’ ones that we see today. Continue Reading →


A City of Patterns

Hello 2015 :)… Well it’s almost the end of January so that’s one resolution am not living by. Hope I will be more consistent in the coming months that follow. Hope you all had a good start of the year so far. It has been an interesting time where observation has been taking up a big chunk of my time. One thing that has stood out to me is how patterns play an important role in the structures we see around us. The different forms of architecture that are represented by the buildings we see everyday revolve around very unique patterns. Actually not only the buildings but almost everything we see from the pavements to the highly complex patterns we see on buildings. Continue Reading →


The Year So Far (Final Part) – The People

Hey everyone. What a year 2014 has been. As we all make the final preparations on where and how we will cross over to the new year, I would like to do a special dedication kind of post. Through the year very many things have happened that we may be proud of and others that we would like to flush them down the drain. In all these experiences there are people that have seen us through the best and the worst times that have put a mark on our lives. On this last day of 2014, I would like to appreciate the people that have seen me through the beginning of my endeavor on 23rd July 2014.

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The Year So Far (Part 1) – Merry Christmas Nairobi

Merry Merry Merry Christmas to you all. It is a beautiful holiday for us to be with our families and enjoy the day that Christ was born. This post will be my second last post of the year, and I would like to dedicate it to my humble city Nairobi. The year so far, more or less the past 5 months since I started blogging. Not much growth has happened to the city to make a remarkable five months later kind of thing, but during this period, I have got to learn more and more about this city that already existed before, just that I never noticed them, Sharing these findings with you is my joy as I get to showcase more than the normal Nairobi that we walk past and actually get to appreciate the little details that are there in this city. Continue Reading →


Vendors Of The Market Expo

New month is here, new exciting things begin to happen. What new things you may ask. Well if you have been following my Instagram posts (You can do so here) you may have noticed a hash tag on some of my portraiture work #PeopleOfNairobi. Well this final month of the year will be the begin of a new aspect to my blog, People Of Nairobi. In this new category, I will feature short stories of the people that live and work in Nairobi. This here will be my first piece which is really interesting as I feature the stories of select vendors of the Market Expo normally located behind the Kencom Building, Nairobi. Continue Reading →


Green Spots of Nairobi

Hey Everyone, hope that you all had a good month. Been a very beautiful month I might add especially with the amazing cloud cover display the sky has had to offer, well at least till the week started. As you may have noticed am a bit of a nature junkie and how it blends with modern architecture. My feature today is on the Green public Spots found within the Central Business district of Nairobi. Continue Reading →