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Nairobi’s Vintage Aspect

Hey everyone, beautiful weekend we have in Nairobi, another time for us to relax after a week’s long hustle. Today I will feature the vintage side of Nairobi. The beautiful, old, architectural genius, designed buildings that stand today. They are really outstanding once you compare them to the modern design of buildings. But Old is Gold. A good example of such buildings are, The Kenya Railways Headquarters Building, The National Archives, The Macmillan Memorial Library and many more. Continue Reading →


Nairobi’s Golden Hour

I hope y’all had a great week, its another weekend and I have something of particular interest that can wow your weekend. The Nairobi Sunset. You may have seen several pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and other photo-blogs but actually experiencing it is really breathtaking. If you are a nature lover then this is a plan you should slot in for the weekend. There are a number spots you can experience this phenomenon which I will share with you. Continue Reading →


Beauty in the Alleys

Its a new week and Eid Mubarak to all Muslims celebrating this day. Well, today I will go much deeper as to what I love about this beautiful city under the sun. Before you start commenting about no beautiful alleys in Nairobi, yes it depends on the side of town you are talking about. There are some places that you can’t even risk to take out your device to take photos but on the good side there are other much more beautiful alleys in the city where you don’t feel threatened by anyone. Continue Reading →