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Hey there. Been a while I must say. First post of the year. Not to worry though. The absence has been worthwhile and you’ll get to see why soon. This post is more of a formal announcement that I have been thinking about for a long time. I never really thought about its significance until quite recently. I guess this will be one of those major steps in my creative venture. Over the past year I have been taking photos that some of you have been very keen on. Some never saw the light of day on the internet and some did. The response towards them was amazing. Here now is the chance to own some of those photos in framed A4 and A3 size prints. There are a limited number of photos available that will go really well in your house, office, restaurant you name it.

The prints will be going at a flat rate of KES 2500 ($25) for the A4 size framed prints and KES 3500 ($35) for the A3 size framed prints. For orders and any questions please drop a comment below or send me an email at Free delivery of these prints will be available within the Nairobi CBD. Pick any of the photos below that you would love to get yourself a print of. Thank You for the support this far. Peace. Continue Reading →


The Nairobi National Park

Hey there. You remember when I said that I will try to be consistent with my blogging… Yeah, that didn’t work out quite as I hoped. But I’m back with something that I am so excited to share with you guys. So a couple of weeks back I was involved in a project that literally pushed my creativity to some heights I never thought I would achieve. This is because I was documenting kids that are as young as 4 years old, doing what they do best, having fun. On one of the days they had the opportunity to go for a game drive at the Nairobi National Park. I was super excited about this since it would be the first time I was going there, ever since I started my photography. Continue Reading →

The Waterfall

Oloolua: The Forest Within The Suburbs.

So its been a while. Can’t really think of anything credible to explain my inconsistency. But I apologize for it. A lot has happened between the time I have been out. Traveled a bit, learnt a lot and school became intense. But other than that, lets get back to my subject matter. So in March, a few friends and myself went out to the leafy suburbs of Karen to explore the Oloolua Forest. Now do keep in mind that this is one of the few remaining forests within the heavily built Nairobi Area. This makes it endangered by its own rights and utmost care of the forest should be ensured at all times to curb any attempt of encroachment. Continue Reading →


Green Spots of Nairobi

Hey Everyone, hope that you all had a good month. Been a very beautiful month I might add especially with the amazing cloud cover display the sky has had to offer, well at least till the week started. As you may have noticed am a bit of a nature junkie and how it blends with modern architecture. My feature today is on the Green public Spots found within the Central Business district of Nairobi. Continue Reading →


Nairobi’s Karura Forest

Hi there, hope you have had an exciting week just like the weather here in Nairobi. I must say it’s really bright in the capital. As much as it may seem unlikely, Nairobi is not the concrete jungle that many think it is. Well when I say “Nairobi” here I do not mean the city itself, instead I am speaking about the entire county. Nairobi may be a massive concrete block but in some areas, a lot of effort has been put to ensure that its natural side is kept intact. Located in the Northern part of the county is one of the most important forests in the country and also the county, The Karura Forest. Continue Reading →


Nature in The City

Its a chilly start this week in Nairobi,but the hustle and grind is still on for the city dwellers.Hope you had a wonderful weekend, wherever you may have spent it. Even with the cold, something that stands out in this stone, steel and glass city is the effort to blend it with nature, Some parts of the city have successfully done this while others have a really long way to go. One thing for sure is that we cant turn a blind eye to the effort that is being made to make this city beautiful. Continue Reading →


Nairobi Park Scenery

The weekend is here and am sure all of you busy bees have been looking forward for that two day rest from work, school or anything that you might be doing during the week. Well, I have a small idea that may help you not only relax but also bond with your family or friends; Picnics. Yes, who wouldn’t want a nice outdoor, fun time on a lush green park with your kikoys laid out and good food, making memories with your beloved. Well I will give you an insight of where you can have such kind of moments in Nairobi as I tell you about the different parks we have in Nairobi. Continue Reading →