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The Birthday Girl. View the entire set of photos of her here.

Adventures of A City Boy: Portraits of The Longonot Escapade

Hey there. Well last time I got to show you and narrate an entire 1000 word story on my Longonot trip. Well today, I won’t narrate much. Last time I got to share with you the landscape photos taken during my trip. For today, I will get to show you the portraits taken over the day. I would like to thank everyone that made this day a memorable one and also Tendwa for making this trip possible. Continue Reading →


Adventures of A City Boy: Summiting Mount Longonot

Hi there. The wait is finally over. I am back to regular posting now, after a long time of procrastination and a massive creative block, but as I hinted on my previous post, I have been working on a number of things that will see a change on my blog on how my posts will be structured as well as my work. That said, now we could get back to the exciting topic we have today. The day I went to Mount Longonot with a group, rather part of a family of close to 18 people. Unlike almost everyone I know, I never really got the chance to travel and explore the country when I was young. This year, I aspire to visit as many places in this country as I possibly could. Longonot was one such place. It was my first time there and here is how it all went down. Just a disclaimer, this post will be long, but thoroughly exciting. Enjoy :).  Continue Reading →