Nairobi’s Daily Hustle

Hi there, :). Hope you are having a good start of this new month, October. As for my city, I can say it has been a beautiful start so far. Bright weather, and also amazing scenery offered by the sunrises, sunsets and all through the day siting a clear blue sky through most of the days.
This will be a very different piece as I intend to illustrate this feature with Time-Lapse videos to add more emphasis to the subject instead of pictures as I have used before. The hustle and grind of Nairobi has maintained itself to be one of the key features that define the city. Every area in the city either has a lot of foot traffic or vehicle traffic. The way everyone keeps up with their own hustle is quite unique in Nairobi. With different walks of life represented in one city, everyone has a different agenda that brings them to the city.

The burst of activities that arises with every new dawn of day is just out of the ordinary. As early as 4:00 am, life breathes into the city as different business premises start to open up giving rise to activities all through the day and even night. Well Nairobi is not yet a fully 24 hour city but that is something that will be achieved very soon. Taking a walk through the streets of Nairobi, one can’t help but notice the fury of activities going on around them. From small scale traders selling small merchandise by the sidewalks to the big superstores, large office buildings and also governmental buildings, everyone is seen to be focused in reaching a particular destination to go about their activities.

The several designated bus terminals in the city are by far the busiest areas in the city at any time of day especially the rush hours. These places always get an influx of people who use the public transport system to get to the city. There are always people getting into the city and also people getting out of the city at all times during the day. The main bus terminals are The Machakos Country Bus Terminal, The Bus Station, The Railways Bus Station, The Commercial Centre, and The General Post Office Bus Terminal. Each of these terminals are grouped with buses that operate particular routes to make it easy while they make their entry and exit to the city.

I believe the down side to this influx of activities in such a ‘small’ city is the intense traffic experienced both in an around the city. This is one area where great measures have to be taken to reduce the traffic flow into and around the city. The county government has done a number of things to try and decongest the city but it is still  a lot of intervention is needed. This is mostly felt during the lunch hour periods and the rush hour times which are the early morning hours and evening hours. This is a main problem with the city but measures are costantly being put to try and stabilise the situation.

The hustle in the city is part of what makes this city and gives it its identity. Depending on the side you look at it, Nairobi is one busy city during the day and night.

I really hope you like this feature, which I tried to do in a different way. Please leave a comment, I would appreciate the Feedback. Peace.

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  1. Awesome article,new stuff…loving it.

  2. very inspiring ..lovn evry detail…art is a lady..n yu my nigger jus took that piece home..

  3. What can we do to help out this mission?the congestion is sickening indeed!

  4. its quite interesting,,
    “Nairobi through your eyes,,”comes with your perception of how you view and where you see the city in years to come, i
    am liking the graphics too, this is good,!

  5. I really enjoyed your blog Gideon, a great way for others to see your city from a new perspective. Well done.

  6. Resiliance is the signature of greatness.keep up blogger.nice piece of work

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