A City of Patterns

Hello 2015 :)… Well it’s almost the end of January so that’s one resolution am not living by. Hope I will be more consistent in the coming months that follow. Hope you all had a good start of the year so far. It has been an interesting time where observation has been taking up a big chunk of my time. One thing that has stood out to me is how patterns play an important role in the structures we see around us. The different forms of architecture that are represented by the buildings we see everyday revolve around very unique patterns. Actually not only the buildings but almost everything we see from the pavements to the highly complex patterns we see on buildings.

View Park towers and Utalii Towers

View Park towers and Utalii Towers

From my observation, I have come to realise the essence of patterns in giving buildings a unique structure and also an identity. Though mostly forgone as something ‘normal’, a look into the detail of a building shows more than what one earlier perceived. For most people, a building looks good because it simply looks good. Getting a detailed answer on the first time asked is not usually the norm. Once you ask for the specific reason why a particular building or structure looks good, that’s when the person starts to think to the finer detail.

Postbank Towers

Postbank House

Perspective plays an important role in identifying patterns on architecture. Different people have different perspectives. Learning about other people’s perspective is what brings out the fun since one gets to see what they had before foregone. The good thing about Nairobi, there are so many different perspectives to what we see daily that taking time to explore them is like going on a trip to a new place open to new ideas. Personally, taking walks in the city sometimes lets me see things that I had never noticed before. Even if it is a route that I frequent. There is always something new to see no matter where you go in this city.


It is amazing to see how the patterns of some buildings give them identity because of how much they stand out. A very good example is Chester House on Banda Street between Koinange Street and Loita Street. The way patterns on this building stand out to make it stand out in the area where it is situated and the blue shade that complement the beautiful architecture displayed by the building. This is just one example of many. There are many buildings whose patterns speak about the buildings by themselves. I leave that task to you. Explore them, appreciate the details that have been put in by the developers to give the buildings their desired outlook and awe.

The beautiful Patterns on Chester House.

The beautiful Patterns on Chester House.


I am working on being very consistent in my posts in the next month. I apologise for the long wait and inconsistency. Have a good day and please leave a comment. Feedback will be highly appreciated. Peace.


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  1. Christian Tello

    Gideon !
    missed you bro !
    happy new year ! 🙂

    I like this month’s idea

    the patterns on some buildings in the city are just unique

    great job

    keep going brother

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  4. happy new yr gidi
    keep up the great work:)

  5. The structure of the oval is also to die for!:)

  6. You just made me realise how ignorant I’ve been of the beauty scattered around, thank you!

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