The Nairobi Railway Museum

Happy new month everyone. I will try and keep these posts as constant as possible. With the start of the new month, I have a new interesting feature which was made possible by a random pop up instameet (A photography meeting by people on Instagram) which was held last Friday at the Railway Museum in Nairobi. One of the things I like about such instameets  is the exposure they give one as a photographer  or an upcoming photographer and also a good forum to learn from other more experienced photographers. The Nairobi Railway Museum is a very unique museum as it mainly showcases the old rail machinery that were mostly used during the colonial period. The displays portray a very different type of story of the colonial period as it mainly shows how the development of the country started and progressed from the old locomotives to the ‘new’ ones that we see today.

Some of the Locomotives on display at the Museum.

Some of the Locomotives on display at the Museum.

The museum is divided into two main parts. There is an indoor display section as well as an outdoor display section. The indoor section mainly comprises of train models which give a view of the very old trains that were used by the Britons and also a few modern train models. One thing that quite hit my eye was the display of Ship models and also a really cool Ship steering wheel. The indoor displays also showcases some of the furniture that were used by officials during the operations of the railway station those many years ago. Some of the movable seats that were put at vantage points for the head of operations at the station to get a good view of how everything was taking place. Lots of stories are told by the artifacts on display that I can take forever if I were to put them all in writing. You should just visit the place if you are interested in more cool information.



Once you are outside the main building one is greeted by the sight of beautiful vintage pieces of art that are the trains that were used back in the day. The way they stand majestically on their tracks to showcase their beauty and portray all the stories they have gathered through the years. I love the beauty of these structures the stories they tell of what they have been through. The thing I love about seeing them is how they portray the progress of development in the country seeing that they were the first sign of development in the country.



This is one place that I highly advice for one to visit. It really shows one a very different dimension of the progress in development the country has underwent let alone the city of Nairobi. I hope that I may have inspired some new interest in this place. I would like to thank @nesh_maina  for organizing the meet. Please do leave a comment of what you think about this post. Till next time. Peace.





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