Oloolua: The Forest Within The Suburbs.

So its been a while. Can’t really think of anything credible to explain my inconsistency. But I apologize for it. A lot has happened between the time I have been out. Traveled a bit, learnt a lot and school became intense. But other than that, lets get back to my subject matter. So in March, a few friends and myself went out to the leafy suburbs of Karen to explore the Oloolua Forest. Now do keep in mind that this is one of the few remaining forests within the heavily built Nairobi Area. This makes it endangered by its own rights and utmost care of the forest should be ensured at all times to curb any attempt of encroachment.

The Nature Trail within the forest is very unrecognizable from a particular point not so far from the start. This made the experience more adventurous as we just walked around with no particular direction but trying as hard as possible to mark where we had been. I was actually a little bit disappointed we didn’t encounter any wildlife, which if we did, may probably wouldn’t have been the best of scenarios to be in, but that piece of adventure was missed. The forest also has a very beautiful clean waterfall that makes the surrounding so cool.

I must say that minus the distance and traffic encountered while getting there from the C.B.D. it is very much worth the journey. A place that I can give very high recommendations to anyone with an adventurous spirit. Do leave a comment below on this post and any suggestions are also welcome. Peace.

The Start of The Nature Trail.

The Start of The Nature Trail.






The sun shining through the canopy.

The sun shining through the canopy.

The Waterfall

The Waterfall


Above the Waterfall

Above the Waterfall




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  1. I especially love the photo of the tree stumps and that of the feet dangling near gushing water :). Great post Gidi. Keep shooting.

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  5. Hmm .. Thats a good post all those photos are on point … Great work Mwangi … Keep up ☺

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