Street Tales: The Beginning.

Hey guys, it has been a really long time since I updated this blog. Yes I have excuses, No I choose not to share them, as they are just excuses. During my time off, I have been really thinking on how I will make this blog a one stop shop for Art and Creativity both in my writing and my photography. And as the ideas came into mind, one of the main reasons as to why I started this blog in the first place came up. Documenting stories (mostly made up) of strangers and when the opportunity arises, get a story from them in the process. Street Tales was thus born. The time had come for it to be show itself to the world. I hope this segment inspires something in any of my readers in whatever way.

The Man on a Call


The Man On a Call. This is what I would call him. Abandoned Alley, No soul in sight. His phone is buzzing violently in his pocket. He quickly fidgets to find it. He looks at the caller ID. Not the person he expected. He hurriedly picks up the call, “Hello?” He moves around restlessly. Waving his hands in the air, but quickly looking around to see if anyone is noticing him. He sees someone, he stops and keeps calm. He stands there oblivious to all that is happening and not happening around him. He finishes his call, He looks at his phone and shakes his head, he walks back to the other end of the alley. Turns back and looks at the open taxi. Quickly he makes an assumption and walks away.



The Cart Operator. He caught my attention. Hanging on a singe cart. He moved with it, A cold Sunday morning, A church nearby can be heard, His weekly service has started. He will miss this today. He still has work to do. The cart moves along, Goes under the bridge and somehow gets to slow down to a stop. He steps out of it. Moves to the back of the cart. ‘What if the cart rolled backwards,’ it would hurt him bad. There is no sign of first aid anywhere. He trusts his experience, breathes some life into his freezing hands. He goes to the lever, reaches out and pulls it. Then the cart starts moving backwards. Who moved it? It was stopped. How did it move? He goes away. The cart slowly moves along the track to join another. The morning task is done.




The Coffee Maker. Its an early Sunday Morning. 0700 hours to be exact. We are in the C.B.D. We didn’t have breakfast at home. We are sleepy and hungry. Craving some energy. We stop over at a Coffee Shop. There he is anxiously waiting on the next order. We order our coffee, take away, since we were still on the move. He quickly responds. One, two, three Mochas made. Dave hurriedly asks if he could design one of the cups. “Its too late,” he says as he finishes the final cup. Dave’s anticipation dies down. He says he will make an extra one on the house. We are all in shock, already preparing our wallets in case we heard that wrong. He insists its on the house. He makes a Cappuccino. We are still in shock. But he calmly prepares the cup. He does his magic and voila. Its done. He offers it to us. We snap away. Going crazy with the settings. This was so random. But we have to get the shot, As we struggle for space and angles he stands back looks at his creation and impact. He smiles, and goes on with his work. He probably felt better that day. He sparked inspiration on a small group of creatives. Below is what he created.




More stories will come. I would really appreciate any feedback on the general outlook of the blog and also this particular segment. More new projects will follow up soon. You can also find links to my dedicated Photography woks on the Menu above. Do have a look and any feedback as well would be highly appreciated. Hope we will enjoy this creative ride together. Till next time, Peace.

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