Breast Cancer Awareness: The Victors – Part Two

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Meet Nancy Ngatia. She discovered a lump on her left breast in December 2010. Upon this, she decided to go to a clinic for examination. There she was advised to have an ultra sound. When her results came back they showed that what she had looked like fat. After that she went back home to Karatina. After about two months she started to experience some pain on her left breast. She then went back to the clinic she had gone to before but still got the same result.  At the age of 46, one year later, she started feeling the pain on her left breast. At this point it dawned on her that this was now a serious issue and decided to go to another clinic. At this clinic she did a Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) and was told to go back for her results after four days. As the results came back, they were not conclusive as to what she really had. She was then advised to go for a Biopsy so that she could get more accurate and conclusive results. As she went to see the surgeon and explained her previous results, her surgeon told her that a woman 46 years of age should not have Fibroadenoma. She was then advised that she would have to be operated on as soon as possible. After hearing this she decided to consult her family where her husband told her that they should consult other people. She went to see her friend Alice (You can read her story here) and asked her where she got her treatment.

On hearing that Alice had received her treatment from The Aga Khan Hospital, they decided that they should also seek treatment there since she had not been treated at any other hospital.  After getting some money, they went to The Aga Khan Hospital where she started out as a new patient. She did another biopsy and after 4 days the results showed that she had Cancer. She told God that at this point, her life was in His hands. She had to go through a surgery. She went back home where she raised money for her operation from her family and proceded with te operation where her breast was cut.

Three days after her operation, she was told that she would have 6 chemotherapy sessions with one after every 21 days. After her first chemo session, her hair fell off. She experienced a lot of problems as also her legs had no energy. After her sessions were completed, she went back home but was told that she would still have to go back to Nairobi for Radiotherapy. She had 30 sessions that would last for 30 days. This meant that she had to go to hospital every day. Due to this she had to stay in Nairobi as the commute from Karatina to Nairobi on a daily basis would be hectic for her. She completed her radiotherapy in November 2012. A month later she was put on Tamoxifen and has since been on that treatment this being her third year.

She is grateful to God for how far He has taken her through and she also thanks God for anyone that has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and she encourages them to wait on the Lord as He is the one that will help them.

(As told by Nancy Ngatia)

Header Image by Zynzii Oyiera


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