Breast Cancer Awareness: The Victors – Part 3

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Meet Mary Wanjiku. When she noticed that she had a lump, she decided to see a doctor in Karatina. She was then told that she would need to do a biopsy which would cost her 1000 KES. At the time she didn’t have the money, so she went home and sourced for funds. Once she had the money, she went back to the doctor and her biopsy was done and was told to go for her results after a week.  When she went back, she was told that nothing had been found and the lump looked like a mass of fat. However her doctor told her that all wasn’t lost and performed another biopsy but this time free of charge. After a week she went for her second results. Unfortunately they were no different from the previous one. The doctor then advised her to look for a surgeon who would remove the lump and test it further. She then went to Dr. Wachira who is based in Karatina. She was then referred to the Nairobi Hospital branch in Nyeri. She got tested and was told to leave her number so that when the results arrived she would be notified instantly. After a while she got a call to pick up her results in Karatina. Her doctor then disclosed to her that the results came out positive for Cancer.

She couldn’t believe the news and broke down since her perception of cancer was death. Her doctor then told her to go with her husband the following day for further advice on the way forward. The following day they both went to the doctor in Karatina where he told them that he would refer her to Tumutumu. According to her doctor they had three options of treatment. One would be where her breast would be completely cut off, the second was just a section of her breast would be cut or get treatment without having to cut her breast. But according to him the best option was to have her breast cut. She decided that she would go with the doctor’s advice and went to Tumutumu where she was admitted.

While there she started her treatment and later on she got booked for treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. When her appointment date approached she went to Kenyatta where she started her Radio Therapy which lasted 28 days. After she was done, she started her Chemo Therapy. Chemo therapy weighed in on her as is something anyone who has gone through it can attest to. She went for six sessions. As she went on, her hand started to swell on the side where her operation was done. Her hand permanently became swollen after that time. After she finished her chemo, she was then sent to Nairobi Hospital for some tests. While there she was asked to pay 6500 KES for the tests. She didn’t have the money at the time but went out to source for them and eventually had enough money. The results showed that she would be using some drugs and was also told that if any problem arises she would go to the clinic and as she gets tested she would get more medicine.

That is the Story as told by Mary Wanjiku.

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