The Nairobi National Park

Hey there. You remember when I said that I will try to be consistent with my blogging… Yeah, that didn’t work out quite as I hoped. But I’m back with something that I am so excited to share with you guys. So a couple of weeks back I was involved in a project that literally pushed my creativity to some heights I never thought I would achieve. This is because I was documenting kids that are as young as 4 years old, doing what they do best, having fun. On one of the days they had the opportunity to go for a game drive at the Nairobi National Park. I was super excited about this since it would be the first time I was going there, ever since I started my photography.

Just a quick description, The Nairobi National Park is located within Nairobi County and is minutes away from the Central Business District. The main entry to the park is located in Langata, where one would also find the Animal Orphanage and the Nairobi Safari Walk within the same complex. Its close proximity to the Central Business District gives a splendid view of the vast Savannah that is the park with an additional backdrop of the city’s skyscrapers, providing a scene that is very unique to the park.

Back to my experience, we started our drive into the park at around 2:30pm. The weather wasn’t as hot as Nairobi sunny days usually are, so to an extent it was greatly to our advantage. With everyone’s high expectations as we entered the park, seeing a lion was on everyone’s top most agenda. This was quickly shuttered when our guide told as that, it would be one of the most rare events to occur during our drive as they seldom roam in the park during the day. But then, lady luck was on our side, and the first animal we saw (excluding the monkeys) was a full grown lion right in front of our van. A mixture of awe, and fear crippled the kids behind me but it was amazing to have such a rare opportunity right in front of us. To make it better, the lion was marking its territory along the road. Which meant we slowly drove behind it for close to 15 minutes. It was such a site to see and cherish and take a million photos of. Other vehicles approached as they were driving towards the park’s exit, you could see how excited they were since that was the first time they saw one during their entire drive.


The King.

The King.

As we continued with our drive we saw several forms of wildlife along our route. The most common was the Thompson Gazelle, that freely grazed along the road as we drove by. Their beauty is something I came to really appreciate. As we drove Zebras too proved to be a common site and I just couldn’t have enough of them. At some point we drove for a while without seeing anything, then we came across a herd of White Rhinos. It was freaky but at the same time awesome. They weren’t as far away from the road but they were very well hidden in the tall grass as you could only see their backs as they grazed. But then just a few meters ahead, we were blessed with a view that I had only seen on Instagram and travel magazines. The view of the Upperhill Area skyline from the park. To add onto this, there was a White Rhino grazing in the midst of the tall grass in my field of view. I was really stoked about it and quickly rushed to capture that moment. This ended up with us stopping for about 3 minutes as I was framing and taking my shot to make it as good as possible.

The White Rhino grazing with the Upperhill Area Skyline as the backdop.

The White Rhino grazing with the Upperhill Area Skyline as the backdrop.

Now as this happened, the Rhino kept edging closer and closer to the road we were on. This was getting even more exciting. I mean now I could actually have a picture of the entire creature. Then there was a little disclaimer from our guide when he said that if we interfered with its personal space, it could charge at us. For a second I froze, but then quickly got over it as I figured since he has a gun I mean we have a chance of getting out of the park alive. Not that he would kill any animal, that would be just wrong, but at least scare them away maybe.

The White Rhino in its glory.

The White Rhino in its glory.

We proceeded with our drive and it dawned on us that it was getting to dusk. (Hope you saw what I did there *wink*). We still had not seen a number of animals. To make matters worse, my last battery for the day was dying. My phone was dead the moment the lion departed from our site so I had no back up device. And there was so much more to see. But you know, a way was found. Shots were taken with calculated planning before hand.

We saw many more animals and sure enough I took photos of most of them. The beautiful hartebeest, giraffes, the mighty buffaloes,huge baboons, more gazelles, with each of the animals we saw giving us something memorable to take to our memories. The amount of wildlife we saw was by far the most I have seen in that park during the number of times I have been there. Our guide too was impressed and kept stressing on the fact that we were by far the group with the most successful trip during that day.

Then all my batteries died, and my shooting spree was over as we now drove towards the exit on Mombasa Road, It had been a good experience all in all. Enjoying the scenery as we drove to the exit. A good experience had been documented and a yearning desire for more started to build. Till next time we will see what it would bring forth.

The Hartebeest

The Hartebeest


Before you leave, I have some exciting news to share. The printed photos of the ones posted here on this post are up for sale on order. So if you would like any of these pictures in A3 sized and framed prints do contact me on my email address which is for more details on their prices. Till next time, keep the peace.



NTME_Gazelle 02

NTME_Gazelle 03

NTME_Gazelle 04





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