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Photo created by Zynzii Oyiera for the awareness project.

Breast Cancer Awareness: The Victors – Part One

Hey everyone. This will be a different post from the usual. As October comes to an end, a pressing issue has to be addressed. This is Cancer Awareness and for this series we will be talking about Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a joint project that was conceptualized and implemented with a very good friend of mine who is not so new on this blog, Zynzii Oyiera. As part of our project we decided that we would speak to and get stories of various people that had conquered Breast Cancer. This was made possible by Hilda Muthoni who linked us to a group of women based in Nyeri, who formed a support group for people who are undergoing cancer treatment within the region. On the 17th of October we all, including our very good friend, a Violinist,¬†Paul Macharia,¬†embarked on the journey to Nyeri to meet this group of women. We got a chance to hear their different stories and the challenges they faced through the treatment. For us it was an eye opening experience as we got to feel the emotional side as well as the physical side to what they underwent from the time they got diagnosed with this curable disease. Here is the first story, stay tuned to the blog for more stories. Do share this widely as it may change someone’s life out there. Also do leave a comment below on your thoughts about this project. Continue Reading →