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Adventures of A City Boy: Summiting Mount Longonot

Hi there. The wait is finally over. I am back to regular posting now, after a long time of procrastination and a massive creative block, but as I hinted on my previous post, I have been working on a number of things that will see a change on my blog on how my posts will be structured as well as my work. That said, now we could get back to the exciting topic we have today. The day I went to Mount Longonot with a group, rather part of a family of close to 18 people. Unlike almost everyone I know, I never really got the chance to travel and explore the country when I was young. This year, I aspire to visit as many places in this country as I possibly could. Longonot was one such place. It was my first time there and here is how it all went down. Just a disclaimer, this post will be long, but thoroughly exciting. Enjoy :).  Continue Reading →

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Looking Back at 2015.

Well hasn’t this been an interesting journey. So much has happened over the year I don’t even know where to start. Very good friendships and contacts have been made, This has been a year of lots of self discovery that has made me shape up my craft as the year progressed. This is not to forget the massive creative block I had for majority of the final half of the year, but it is lifting and more work will be put out in the coming year. A number of challenges however arose that for some time almost crippled my creative journey but from those challenges I rose up even more energized to make more art. A number of landmark achievements have been made too, including having the opportunity to meet one of New York’s best photographers José Silva. This was just one among many and I will share some of them with you. Continue Reading →