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Mental Illness Awareness Month: Part 1

Hi there. Hope you have had a good month so far. Today I have something special for you. something that is rarely talked about. Something that we are afraid to talk about. But I hope that by the end of this post someone out there will have the courage and share out their story. Not necessarily to the world, but at least with someone. This is a collaboration I did with my good friend Zynzii who has penned down the words for this piece. Many of you may not know that May has been set out to create awareness for Mental illness. Through the course of this month, through this collaboration, we hope we will create an impact in at least one person out there. With that said, lets dive straight into it. Enjoy. Do leave a comment below on your feedback and if you have anything to share, I have this forum open. Continue Reading →

NTME Portrait 1


Hello there, today I have something different to show you guys. Everyday we wear our outfits due to various reasons. Some for work, some to impress that person conducting their interviews, others to look cool for school, others to make sure that they look their best when they go on that special date with that special someone. Many times we never notice that what we wear is actually a perfect match with the environment around us. Continue Reading →